Public Law Magazine is a professional periodical (quarterly) legal publication. Established in 2011

The purpose of the publication is to publish copyrighted materials of a scientific, theoretical and practical nature, to summarize judicial, legal and enforcement activities in order to develop Ukrainian national legal science and practice, and to improve the current legislation.

The pages of the publication publish scientific, theoretical and practical materials on: current general theoretical and sectoral legal issues, law enforcement practice, as well as proposals for legislation, foreign legal experience; Practices of the European Court of Human Rights, Constitutional, Supreme and International Commercial Arbitration, Arbitration Courts ;. reviews of scientific life events and legal education experience in Ukraine; reviews of scientific, scientific-practical and educational works on legal subjects.

Target audience: scholars in the field of law, practitioners of law, graduate students, law students of higher education and more.

Topics: according to the branch "Legal Sciences" by scientific specialties (12.00.01-12.00.12) according to the current list of branches of science of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on specialties 081 Law, 262 Law enforcement, 293 International law.

Frequency of output: 4 times a year.